6 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Power Washing

Is your commercial building starting to look dull? Here are some reasons to consider commercial power washing to restore your building to its former glory.

Commercial Power Washing

Worker cleaning driveway with gasoline high pressure washer ,professional cleaning services.High pressure deep cleaning.

As a commercial business owner or property manager, you have a lot of weight on your shoulders. It’s literally the weight of an entire building. When it’s your job to balance the budget, your instinct is to cut as many expenses as you can.

Are you making your investment more expensive by cutting the wrong costs, though?

If you don’t have commercial power washing in your budget, you might be. As it turns out, power washing¬†has several ways of improving your building’s balance sheet.

1. Boost Your Business’s Image

The most noticeable advantage of power washing is the way it enhances your building’s appearance. Depending on how a customer heard about your business, your building is likely to be one of their first impressions. Do you want that first impression to be, “Yuck, this place looks old and dirty”?

When your building is clean, customers feel more confident that you care about the business. A building that looks fresh and new makes them feel that your business is advanced and organized.

If you own a commercial property with multiple suites that you rent out, the effect is even greater. Your tenants will have a higher revenue potential because of your maintenance. They’ll stay longer and you’ll be less likely to take on the expense of finding new tenants.

2. Make Inspections and Maintenance Easier

When it comes to building maintenance, prevention is one of your best weapons. Power washing can be a stronger preventative measure than you think.

If there is dirt and grime on a part of your building or walking path, it blocks your view of the actual building. This is a perfect place for cracks, leaks, and other types of damage to hide.

With these kinds of issues, the sooner you catch them and fix them, the less damage they’re likely to do. By keeping your building clean with regular power washing sessions, you can spot problems sooner and keep your repair costs low.

3. Protect Everyone’s Health

Think about the number of people who come into contact with your building every day. Between employees, customers, and passersby, the numbers add up. If you aren’t keeping up with regular power washing, all those people could be at risk for health problems.

Buildup on your building has a tendency to trap moisture, allowing mold to grow. In addition, the buildup itself could contain dangerous bacteria. All these particles, germs, and spores can break off into the air and make their way into people’s lungs.

As important as the human cost of this problem is, it has a financial cost too. You may be at risk for a lawsuit if someone gets sick because you didn’t maintain your building.

4. Prolong Your Time Between Paint Jobs and Building Repairs

It’s clear by now that the dirt and grime that builds up on your exterior isn’t only cosmetic. On top of being a health risk, it can put a serious dent in your pocket as well.

Some types of mold and bacteria will eat away at the paint on your building or even the building materials beneath it. On top of that, some types of dirt will stain your paint if it stays on too long before you wash it off.

All this adds up to more frequent paint jobs and building repairs. Reducing those costs alone can make up for the price of power washing.

Be sure you work with an experienced power washing team who knows how to clean your building without damaging it, though. Certain building materials may need to be treated differently.

5. Protect the Building’s Value

We’ve already noted that a clean building will enhance your earning potential by giving customers a great impression. To pad your pocket even more, though, power washing can do wonders for your building’s value.

Dirt and mold on your building make it look older and poorly maintained, even if the inside is impeccable. In addition, potential buyers know that the dirt can hide deeper issues so they may be wary enough to walk away.

If you rent the commercial space to businesses, this affects you on a daily basis. You can’t charge as much rent for a building that looks dated.

If you own the building, you may not realize the value dropping until you try to sell it. Don’t wait until then to hire power washers, though. Buyers within your community will already be familiar with the building and will remember it looking old and grimy, so they may not give it a second look.

6. Enhance Your Property’s Safety

Every business has heard about slip and fall lawsuits and dreads the thought of one coming their way. If you get behind on your regular power washing schedule, you’re increasing your risk that this will happen.

In many cases, dirt buildup on your sidewalks, parking lots, and other pedestrian areas will make the surface more slippery, especially when it rains. If someone falls and gets hurt, they may be able to make the argument that if you had maintained your property better, it wouldn’t have happened.

As scary as a lawsuit is, no building owner wants to have the human cost of those accidents on their shoulders either. A fall like this can be serious for people with certain health conditions or those who are elderly. Keeping your property clean will lower the risk for the customers and employees you appreciate as well as your wallet.

Investing in Commercial Power Washing for Your Property

With all these benefits considered, it’s clear that commercial power washing is more of an investment than an expense. It helps you maximize your revenue potential while also lowering your chances of sudden large expenses.

To give your own business all these advantages, call our power washing team today to discuss your needs.