7 Advantages of Using an Epoxy Floor Coating in Your Commercial or Industrial Building

An epoxy floor coating can be an absolute game changer for your commercial or industrial flooring. Keep reading to learn about the benefits.

Advantages of Using an Epoxy Floor Coating

Why would you need an epoxy floor coating when the concrete does a great job by itself?

Concrete floors are excellent for most commercial or industrial flooring applications. They are hardy and can stand up to the abuse from heavy vehicles, machinery, or equipment.

The trouble with concrete floors is that they are ugly and porous. The ugly part might not bother you too much in an area that customers won’t see.

However, the porous part can be a big problem. Because of this, concrete will suck up any liquids spilled on it. In an area where it gets cold, this can cause the concrete to break if water gets down inside and the temperature drops. Plus, chemical spills can wreak havoc with the floor, even causing it to disintegrate depending on the chemical that was spilled.

So, how do you make your concrete floor virtually invincible and beautiful at the same time?

You put an epoxy floor coating on it.

Not convinced? Check out these 7 amazing advantages of epoxy floor coatings below.

1. Durability

As far as durability goes, you already know that concrete does a great job, but it has its weaknesses. Epoxy coating strengthens those weak points, making your floor practically invincible.

The coating seals off the concrete, keeping spills on the surface where they are easy to clean up. Even harsh chemicals won’t damage the epoxy and you can easily clean the spill with no ill effects to your floor. This also prevents those familiar stains from oil or other dark liquids that you often see on concrete floors.

Though epoxy goes on like paint, once it cures it becomes incredibly hard. With an impact-resistant epoxy, even dropping heavy tools or sharp objects on the floor often won’t damage it.

Depending on the quality of the epoxy and how heavy you use the floor, some coatings can last for decades.

2. Aesthetics

Basic epoxy comes in a variety of colors. The surface looks smooth and glossy, giving the area a chic, polished look.

If you want to get fancy, there are a lot of options. Choose several different colors and create interesting patterns on the floor to break up the monotony. Go as simple or complex as you like to create the look you want.

You can also mix metallic shavings or other bits of materials into the epoxy, creating a celestial or fun look depending on the colors you choose.

3. Easy Maintenance

A big plus to epoxy floor coatings is the easy maintenance. Simply sweeping is enough to clear off any debris that accumulates during the day’s work.

Because the epoxy covering seals the floor, spills stay on the surface and are easy to wipe up with a cloth or mop. Wipe them up immediately to prevent the liquid from being tracked all over the floor. Depending on what the liquid is, it can taint your shiny floors or make them cloudy looking.

Sweeping and spot-cleaning spills are good for daily maintenance, but occasionally the floor will need a little more love. Luckily, it’s quite easy. Simply mop the floor with warm water and a mild cleanser.

4. Slip-Resistant

Even though epoxy looks smooth and shiny and seems like it would be slippery, it usually isn’t. Most epoxy flooring comes with anti-slip additives that promote good traction on the surface.

Installing the flooring in a kitchen or another place where water or other liquids are frequently spilled? Definitely choose an option with the anti-slip additives for the best results.

5. Price

For all its advantages, epoxy is surprisingly inexpensive. The price varies quite a bit depending on the type of epoxy and additives that you choose. High-quality epoxy is more expensive, but will last far longer and is a good choice if your floors take a lot of abuse.

If you choose multiple colors, the complexity of the pattern will also affect the price.

However, a basic serviceable floor is very cost-effective. If you want a masterpiece on your floor, you’ll pay a little more for it but it will be worth every penny.

6. Environmentally-Friendly Flooring

Any product this good has got to have some major disadvantages. So maybe it’s bad for the environment? Nope! Epoxy is actually quite environmentally friendly.

Epoxy has a bit of a smell when you first put it down, which may lead some people to wonder about its toxicity. But once the material has fully cured, it’s hard surface will not break down, not even in the form of fumes and won’t run off with water.

As a bonus, because the floors are so easy to clean, you’ll use less cleaning agent, another win for the environment.

7. Temperature-Resistant

Epoxy is finicky temperature-wise when it is first laid. It must be done and kept in the right conditions for the epoxy to go down and harden properly.

However, once it has cured, it becomes resistant to even extreme temperatures (whether hot or cold). This makes epoxy floor coatings an excellent choice if your business involves hot machinery or liquids.

Get Your Epoxy Floor Coating Today

Well, are you convinced now? A concrete floor is great, but these 7 advantages of an epoxy floor coating are undeniable.

A virtually invincible floor that looks amazing and won’t break the bank? What business owner wouldn’t want that?

To get an idea of what your floors could like like, feel free to check out the recent projects we’ve been working on. And if you have any questions or are ready to get a quote for your project, feel free to contact us.

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