Perfect Painters: Top 10 Painting Companies in Oregon

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Top Painting Companies Oregon

You can showcase a beautiful house in a wide variety of ways. You can have a unique design or a beautiful yard. One of the biggest ways to make a house a home it the paint job.

A painted house is a mark of something you can call your own. From the right colors on the inside and out to the style and feel of it all, a paint job can say a lot about your house.

So when a paint job means so much, you need the right people to do it. There are many painting companies in Oregon, so we’re here to help break down the best of the best.

Getting the Best Painting Companies in Oregon

Painting a house, both on the inside and the outside is a messy job. It requires patience, skill, and an eye for getting the job done right instead of only getting it done fast.

To get the perfect paint job, you need a name you can trust. All of these companies have a great reputation out here in Oregon. See if you find one that works for you!

1. Ruben Cortez Interiors

Ruben Cortez Interiors is a small business owned by someone who cares about quality. Ruben Cortez himself puts his reputation and pride on the line with every project.

Ruben Cortez never takes money down and takes a personal step to make sure you are happy with the job. With this company, it can be easy to feel more like a family than a client.

2. PaintPacknPurge

Started as a fun project for friends, PaintPacknPurge is a great example of passion turned into a business. Diane Yett is a professional painter of over 20 years and puts that experience to work in giving you the best.

From interesting design and color consultations to a friendly and personal touch, it is easy to see why PaintPacknPurge has grown from its humble roots. No job is too specific and no home is too difficult.

The company also helps the community with food drives and other volunteer work.

3. Sunrise Custom Painting

With affordable rates, flexible hours, and courteous staff, Sunrise Custom Painting sets the standard for positive painting companies in the Oregon area.

They create personalized consultations to ensure that every painting service they do is unique to your house and your needs. You can view all their past works in a beautiful showcase on their website.

Sunrise Custom Painting is a great example of a larger scale company with a personal small scale touch.

4. ESP Painting

Built-up from a lifetime of honest work and a passion for painting, ESP Painting was built to give the best of quality handiwork and good business. With a team of painters that share their company’s passion, you are in good hands with ESP.

ESP is more than just efficient painting. It is about showcasing craftsmanship in painting.

Each person who brings ESP’s service to you is an expert in their field, can answer all your questions, and is happy to show you the best painting you can buy.

5. Abel Painting

“On time and on budget” is the motto of Abel painting. Their focus on efficiency and fast quality. Worried about the hassle of judging high-end craftsmanship? Abel painting is a transparent dealer in simple, straightforward quality.

For 25 years, Abel painting has had an unfailing commitment to never letting their quality fall. No matter the job, no matter the custom touches, they provide the reliability that you can’t beat.

6. Modern Touch PDX LLC

Need to make sure that no detail gets forgotten, but not up for watching it yourself? Modern Touch PDX LLC is a detail-oriented crew with a passion for customer service.

Whenever you need detailed work or overall painting quality, Modern Touch has you covered. They work around your schedule and ideas, willing to lend their creative diligence to your dream home vision.

7. Pacific Coast Painting

A family company with an eye for creative detail and competitive pricing, Pacific Coast Painting puts their money where their mouth is. From clean exterior paint jobs to detailed children’s room murals, they are down to tackle it all.

Serving the Oregon area for over 20 years, Pacific Coast Painting puts the highest quality work at the most competitive of prices.

8. West Coast Roofing and Painting

Sometimes you need more than a paint job, and a full-on contractor can do much more. West Coast Roofing and Painting can cover multiple areas of your home with quality and gusto.

With a powerful warranty service and a great dedication to whatever aspect they work on, West Coast Roofing and Painting has got you covered from multiple angles.

9. GreenLeaf Painting

GreenLeaf Painting is eager to give you a healthy and exciting home. Not only do they paint and remodel, but they also test your home for lead and other contaminants.

GreenLeaf Painting are contractors that want to dig deep into every inch of your home to leave no aspect forgotten and no finished piece looking ugly and dull.

When you need something more than skin deep, GreenLeaf has you covered.

10. PEI Contracting

Saving the best for last, we at PEI Contracting aim to get lifelong customers through the best service, prices, and quality contracting in the market.

From residential painting to pressure washing and so much more, we can turn even the most worn-down house into a sparkling marvel once again.

We work with you every step of the way, guiding you and standing by your decisions to give you your dream homemade real.

When you want your dream home to shine all the brighter, we provide the quality paint, excellent wall and driveway cleaning services, and protections guaranteed to last a lifetime.

When you need quality with heart, we got you covered at PEI Contracting.

Home Sweet Home

With the best painting companies in Oregon, you can get the perfect paint job for your home. With another piece you can be proud of, your house can feel more like home.

Getting that perfect style on your home is a great feeling. We at PEI Contracting love helping to put that perfect touch on your home. For all your contracting needs, we’ll be there.

Contact us today for more information.